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Information for International Freshman Applicants

  Established in 1964, Tainan University of Technology has been shining conspicuously in Southern Taiwan for more than forty years. It was a women’s school aiming at the cultivation of traditional Chinese morality, the upgrade of the quality of women’s education and the promotion of women’s employment skills. Going through the change of the names--Private Tainan Junior College of Home Economics (1965) and Tainan Woman’s College of Arts & Technology (1997), Tainan University of Technology (2006) has transformed into a phoenix flapping wings toward a new beginning with excellent tradition and grand advance to a visionary future. From August 2008, we are starting to recruit both male and female students. Adopting the idea of “Cultural Innovation” as the essence for the development, the university has prepared to share the achievement in education with international students. We welcome students worldwide to come to our campus to enjoy the excitement of a totally different creative study career with us.

International Students [國際學生]
Dual-Degree International Study [雙聯學制]
Financial Aids, Scholarships & Fellowships [獎學金]